Mathematical Problems of Cybernetics

Материал из Кафедра математической кибернетики
Версия от 22:50, 3 октября 2021; SeleznevaSN (обсуждение | вклад)

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Математические вопросы кибернетики

The seminar is guided by Department of Discrete Mathematics (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics), by Department of Mathematical Theory of Intelligent Systems (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics), and by Department of Mathematical Cybernetics (Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics) of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The seminar objective is to discuss actual problems of mathematical cybernetics and a wide range of close topics, and to present the most significant results in these areas.

The seminar tradition is to continue the scientific and research seminar on mathematical problems of cybernetics that was guided by Sergey Vsevolodovich Yablonsky and by Oleg Borisovich Lupanov in Moscow University for more than 30 years.

2020-2021 academic year

In 2020-2021 academic year the seminar works distantly on Fridays, 19:00 PM (Moscow Time), according to the announcements.

The sessions works on Zoom Platform, Meeting ID 814 9424 7715, Passcode 247404.

Please, send any questions, concerning to the seminar, to Svetlana Selezneva by e-mail